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October 01, 2007

About six months ago, I began 240edge.com hoping to learn about the Nissan 240SX and create a nice resource for this car. I've now completed much of the main website, so I decided to start this new project, the 240edge.com Online Magazine.

I'll keep posting new information on 240edge.com if I find relevant 240SX info. Make sure to check out the "Designs" section of 240edge for new 3D CAD drawings of 240SX wheels, body kits, and wings. I haven't updated that section in a little bit, but I have ideas for some new designs that I'll post soon.

With this online magazine, I'm not looking to have a formal publication. I'm just going to write about current automotive issues, include some how-to articles, and review various automotive videos that I enjoy.

Feel free to send me email at magazine@240edge.com for whatever reason: article suggestions, mistakes on the websites, interesting videos, etc.